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Why do we need you ?

Thanks to patronage, we are going to be able to consolidate the activity of our festival by implementing our plan's specifical actions or global initiatives :

 The installation of educational and cultural plans.

 Make the cultural initiative of the territory more dynamic and allow us to promote our program, to diversify and to multiply shows and activities which we offer to the public.

 Improve the reception of the festival-goers and the technical and logistical installations of our performances.

Allow to welcome bands in residence, from here and besides, who need support of creation.

Meeting with Igudesman & Joo

Why do we need you ?

L’Orne’s Musical September in a few words…

- Innovate -

Development of the program is the core of our festival :

L’Orne’s Musical September offer the audience various concerts. We seek homogeneity in program, so that a wide palette of colours and musical tastes are represented: from ancient music, baroque and classical music to jazz and talents blending humour with musical prowess. It is also important for the festival to program contemporary music and worldwide creations, to diffuse and to make nowadays music better known.



- Discover -

The festival welcomes artists of any horizons:


We take special care of inviting artists from the whole Region Normandy such as the Regional Orchestra of Normandy or the Opera of Rouen Normandy Orchestra, to make local groups participate. Young artists make every year a passage by the festival and can thusly share their music and their freshness.


« Give a young talent
his chance,
it is to make live
  of tomorrow. »


- Share - 

L’Orne’s Musical September organizes
concerts but not only…

The festival intervenes with the young public in order to make discover the "classical" music in a ludic and lively way. The Orne's Musical September festival works also in penitentiaries along with prisoners, offering these latters workshops and concerts. As volunterers, they discover, learn how to play an instrument and listen to each others.
Through the festival, we spread music and make it lively, bringing it to the one's who can not necesseraly reach it. 

Patronage in some figures…


Commit and get…

 Visibility on our supports of communication (flyers, posters, booklets, website, programs of rooms, banners) diffused locally and with the national thanks to our partners media.

 Tax deduction of 60% of the gift :
According to the law N°2003-709 on the patronage, the financial support entitles to a tax cut on the companies of 60% of the amount of the gift within the limit of a ceiling of 0.5 ‰ (for thousand) of the turnover.

EXAMPLE : Your company carries out a benefit of 10,000 €. It is imposed on the IS (33%)

Patronage in some figures…

Along with this tax deduction, you benefit counterparts in the limits of 25% of the ammount:​

 VIP tickets to our concerts.
 Organise a special event for your customers, colleaguess. 
 Be visible on our supports of communication as essential support of the Orne’s Musical September
 Be the official sponsor of a festival's night or educational, social event of ours and increase your visibility.

 For a gift of 1,000 €, you shall deduce 600 € from your taxes and benefit from a counterpart of 250 €, is actually costs 150 €.