La 7e Vague

La 7e Vague

Sunday 3 September 2017


Le Pin national Stud

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CAMILLE, direction
CAMILLE et MANOLO, texts with the actors Centaurs :
MANOLO & TOSHIRO, lusitanian stallion
Bertrand BROSSARD et AKIRA, lusitanian stallion
Mahir GUNSIRAY, actor in video
Virgile ABELA, composition ans live music


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A day in Le Pin national Stud


For the 35th year, The Centaur's Theater come back in the Orne for 3 last representation of it Equestrian show The 7th wave. In a captivating financial thriller, 2 centors are staged : Manolo with Toshiro and Bertrand Brossard with Akira. John and Solal are redouptable traders centaurs. In the spasms of a world in crisis, they sense the coming of a terrible shock wave, the wave of waves wich will sweep everything in its way. Wonderful choregraphic figures make this dance a breathless, poetic and contempory thriller. 

Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée – CREAC Marseille • Le Centquatre- Paris • Le Parapluie, Centre international de création artistique – Aurillac • Le Manège de Reims scène nationale • Ville de Tremblay-en-France – Fête du Chapiteau bleu • Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / DGCA aide à la création cirque 2015 / SOUTIENS & PARTENAIRES Le Parc d’équitation du Château Bleu – Tremblay-en-France • La Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon – Centre national des écritures du spectacle • Paul Smith.

La 7e Vague La 7e Vague La 7e Vague La 7e Vague La 7e Vague La 7e Vague

Le Pin national Stud...

Le Pin national Stud was built on the breeding grounds of the horse, in the department of Orne in Normandy,  whose reputation dates back to the Middle Ages, The National stud of th Pine was built between 1715 and 1730. It's the first royal stud wanting by Louis XIV to organize the production of horses in the kingdom. Called "Versailles for horses", its a splendid architectural and landscaped complex that extends over an area of 1100 hectares crossed by sublime symmetrical alleys.

La 7e Vague La 7e Vague La 7e Vague La 7e Vague